Hopeless Love


4 letters but can made you feel insane.

Can drive you to craziness.

Can brings you a lot of happiness.

Can make you feel you’re in a cloud nine.

Can stop the whole world for a while.

Can make you sacrifice everything.

Can burst you into tears.

Can broke you into pieces.

You don’t wanted to be broken of course. No one does ever wishes. But then if someone broke the love you’ve given to, love was still it’s remedy. Afraid to fall in love? Please don’t. For you not to be afraid of, please fall in love first with someone whom surely save you from darkness or pain, someone who sacrifices life for you, the one who wants only the best for you, don’t you ever recognize who was it? It’s our savior, our Lord Almighty. You can feel love everywhere by the people that surrounds but trust me, God can make you feel the best among the best.

    Love your passion.

    Love those persons who hates you.

    Love those bitches who degrade you.

    Love those unkind.

This is the most important word but lightly exist. Because if love do exist in each and everyone why do we need to discriminate someone? Why do we need to abuse the one whose in a low profile? Why do we need to kill animals for our own pleasure? Why do we need to kill our own flesh? Why do we depend on others to be happy? If LOVE REALLY EXIST, BUT THEN IT DOESN’T AT ALL.

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